"Espial" Preorders Arriving Now!

If you pre-ordered Espial, your packages should be arriving today! Each one was hand-packed, hand-signed, and your 20 free included prints were chosen just for you from pictures from the book and albums around it.

Liked Your Book? Tell Your Friends!

As of February 8th, 2019, there are only 7 copies of Espial left - and after those are gone, they won’t be reprinted. Ever again. So if you liked the book - go ahead and share it with your friends.

What’s Next?

I’m currently working on a year-long project on film, called #SundayPortraits, where I’m doing lifestyle portrait sessions with friends and strangers on 120 Film. My objective is to showcase the human spirit on a form of media that’s sort of been left by the wayside. Preorders will be going up around December 2019 - so hang tight.

You may also get to see some music come out of me this year.