Hello, I'm Matthew Alexander, and I'm currently based in Atlanta.

Pre-order my second book, “Espial”

It’ll be released on January 18th. Preorder now and get free shipping, $9 off, 20 free prints, and a signed dedication from me.

The book will be about 30 pages long, filled with photos and stories. They’re limited to 40 copies, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

From my trips to Charleston, adventures in NYC, concert photos and other trips, this book will be a great thing to leave out on a coffee table or stick behind the toilet to let your guests now that you’re cultured and enjoy the arts.

I'm a professional digital marketing expert with 5 years of marketing experience. I'm also a photographer with 2 years of experience shooting dozens of concerts, and capturing countless moments, such as graduations, engagements, and events.

I work with local businesses from Atlanta and all over the US, magazines and other publications, and agencies to deliver high-quality digital marketing and photography work at an affordable rate.