Concert Photography

I started my career shooting concerts, and it’s still one of my favorite photography environments. My photography mantra is to capture moments, and the passion of live performance is just so beautiful to capture.

Why is Concert Photography So Important?

In a day and age where everyone carries a cell phone with a relatively powerful camera in it, everyone can be a concert photographer. However, for bands and publications that want to display high-quality imagery, often in low-light situations, it really requires a trained, professional photographer. Someone who knows how to use the lighting, setting, and energy of the room to capture the exact right moment to display.

Concert Photography as a Marketing Technique

Part of being an artist is having a brand. To maintain that brand on image-based social media platforms, like Instagram, you need an experienced photographer who can help you push your brand image through live performance photography.

I’ve worked for:

  • touring bands

  • cover bands

  • Shaky Knees (staff photographer, 2019)

  • Publications & Radio (Sirius XM, Soundlink Magazine, Nu Sound Mag, Floated Magazine)

  • bands playing their first show

  • bands playing their 1000th show

Reflect Refine, Charlotte NC

Reflect Refine, Charlotte NC

Low Light, No Problem

I shoot with a Sony A7III and a wide-open aperture, which means I can shoot in the darkest of rooms with nearly perfect clarity. Getting the perfect shot is much easier with expert equipment and an expert eye. If you need high-quality photography in any venue, I’m your guy.

Never I, Charlotte NC

Never I, Charlotte NC


I’m available to work pretty much anywhere in the southeast, with select availability elsewhere. I mostly shoot in:

  • Atlanta, GA

  • Charlotte, NC

  • Columbia, SC

  • Charleston, SC

  • Augusta, GA

  • Orlando, FL

If you’d like to book me for tour, contact me directly.

Boston Marriage, Atlanta GA

Boston Marriage, Atlanta GA


If you’re looking to book me for concert photography in Atlanta, my prices are as follows:

  • $65 to shoot the show, band retains licensed photos

  • $300 to shoot the show, band retains full ownership of photos

If you’re outside the Atlanta area, you may incur a travel charge.

Referral discounts: Sharing a bill with multiple other artists? Lower your costs by getting the other bands to sign a contract as well.

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