Gram Meets, Atlanta's Photography Meetup - Jan 13th, 2019

Today I went to my first Gram Meets, an event started by Lawrson and Lawron Pinson that takes place in Atlanta, where professional and aspiring photographers meet up with amateur and seasoned models and help each other make content and learn about the business. I was just a hair late to this one because I was doing home tours. Which means, yep - I’m trying to buy a house. Super exciting stuff! Joined right in at the end when they start playing with smoke bombs.

Model:  Sonia

Model: Sonia

Things I learned today: shooting with 10 other photographers on a scene in a public place where you’re limited by space, time, and the possibility of security coming up? Not easy. But I did manage to get a handful of great photos.

I talked with the group and they mostly shot digital, so I had a good time letting them play with my film photography equipment that I brought. Should I be a sales rep for Lomography? Probably. We all exchanged instagrams and talked shop for a bit. It’s great to find a group of talented individuals who love photography as much as I do.

You can see some of my favorite shots from the day below.

You can check out @Grammeets on Instagram to connect with them and look at some of the #grammeets shots from the attending photographers.