Atlanta SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Matt for a number of years. As a Marketing Consultant for physicians, I have found (his) expertise in website development, SEO, and online marketing to be instrumental in the successful promotion of my client’s practice.
— Yvette Manard, MPH

For most local business owners, marketing can be daunting - you already have so much on your plate. You don't have time to get certified in SEO, set up an AdWords campaign, or manage your own social media.

I've helped dozens of business owners - from local florists to surgeons - achieve a higher level of success in search and on social.

SEO for Atlanta Local Businesses

SEO is so much more than just ranking high. It's a holistic approach to how people find you online. The days of cheat codes and quick-keyword fixes are over. You need a dedicated expert who will help you determine what's best for you and your customers.

Before and after of traffic of a cardiology group after I worked with them for a year -    over double the traffic.

Before and after of traffic of a cardiology group after I worked with them for a year - over double the traffic.

For six years, I've been helping local businesses determine where they're found online, what their options are, and how to drive continuous, measurable growth.

If you’re looking for an Atlanta SEO Company, you’ve come to the right spot. I’ve run a number of successful campaigns, including:

  • SEO for Accountants

  • Insurance Company SEO

  • SEO for Florists

  • and much more!

  • Urgent Care SEO

  • Hospital SEO

  • Tourism SEO

  • SEO for Nightclubs

Google Ads (AdWords) & Pay Per Click Advertising in Atlanta

Everyone's on Google. Shouldn't your business be, too?

SEO + AdWords go hand-in-hand. I’m a PPC specialist with multiple certifications in Google AdWords. I’ll work with you to make an actionable, trackable plan to achieve your business goals through AdWords. Whether you're a local retailer, restaurant, or other service - you can directly reach customers with highly relevant and targeted ads.

If you need a freelancer to manage your PPC campaigns, I’m your guy.

I've run AdWords campaigns for car dealerships, florists, home improvement stores, doctor's offices, and way way more! I use all the most modern techniques to make sure you get the highest ROI and best results. Remarketing? Google Shopping? Video Ads? You tell me your vision, I'll help you make it a reality.

Social Media Management in Atlanta

Most agencies will just post random stuff and tell you it's your fault your people aren't engaging. That doesn't help you at all. I can help you design a social media plan that works - just as if your business was my own.

Take Syracuse Antiques Exchange for example. This small business in Syracuse, NY had a great opportunity to build a community on social media. With hundreds of unique products and dozens of delightful personalities, I knew they had something special. They hired me to redesign their social media assets and give them a branding guideline. They went from 2,000 likes to nearly 4,000 in a few months, and now host frequently attended events, sales, and run a very active social media presence.

Worked with (Matt) to completely redo my old band’s Facebook page. In the weeks we worked with him he helped us double our followers on social media.
— Michael McCann, Destroy Create

Every business needs a social media strategy that compliments their business goals. I can be the social media strategist for your business and help you fulfill that vision.

Branding & Logo Design in Atlanta

Having trouble figuring out what you want your brand to look like? Or maybe you have ideas but don’t know how to make them a reality?

We live in the age of digital - and brand is everything. Today, it’s more important than ever to have a professional brand image to ensure that potential clients will take you seriously. Let’s work together to figure out what your brand voice should be and create a logo and branding package that caters specifically to your business’ needs.

Establish a tone, voice, logo, color palette, and typeface that works to help define your business and value to your potential clients and customers.


Digital Content Marketing in Atlanta

I’m a one-stop shop. With 3 years in photography, and equipped with professional cameras, studio microphones, lighting & lightboxes, and years of blog and copywriting experience, I can create stellar, engaging media for your company’s ads, website, social media, and marketing materials. Some examples of work I can create for you:

  • Copywriting service pages, optimized for SEO

  • FAQs and Tutorial pages

  • Ebooks / Whitepapers

  • Blog Posts

  • SEO Writing services

  • Captivating product photography

Digital Marketing Packages in Atlanta

Priced to Please, Designed to Succeed.

Designing a digital marketing plan can be daunting, expensive, and downright annoying. Fortunately, there's people like me - digital marketing experts that appreciate the art of marketing. People who have a desire to make things better, work with people, and ultimately chase excellence.

Let's make your dream happen - together.

Digital Marketing Packages & Rates

Worried about hiring a marketing freelancer in Atlanta? Don’t worry - all consultations are free. I believe in making sure we can do excellent work together before any signatures touch any papers!

SEO Local Business Listing Boost - $350

Make your local listings work for you. This package includes 1 year of citation management, as well as brand new, professional photography of your storefront, products, and staff for your listings. This takes a few hours to complete, but brings a lifetime of value to your local customers! Perfect for restaurants, florists, garages, doctor's offices, laundromats, and any other public-facing local business!

Social Media Plan & Coaching - $500

Brand voice and consistency is key to running a great social media marketing plan. I'll work with you to develop a social media plan that works for you and your business, as well as train your employees on how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social media tools! Get a digital and printed copy of your personalized social media kit guide for you and your staff to use! Get 30 days of free support after our training and development session is complete for any other questions - save thousands in consultancy fees.

Facebook / Google Ads Management - $200 Campaign Setup + $40/hr

Your competitors are running ads. Isn't it time you start taking digital advertising seriously? I'll help develop a campaign that works within your budget, as well as manage it for as many hours as you and I decide is necessary to drive consumers to your business. Not working out for you? There is no lengthy contracts, or monthly retainers with my work - I won't rope you into an expensive marketing retainer that doesn't work for you. I'll design campaigns that work for you, report on their results, cheaper than agencies or big marketing tools. 

All Other Services - $40/hr

  • Analytics & Reporting

  • Google Tag Manager Management

  • Custom eCommerce Reporting

  • Social Media Management

  • Branding

  • Project Management

  • SEO Auditing

  • Content Writing

  • Reputation Management

  • Brochure Creation

  • Email Marketing

  • SEO Training

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Matthew Alexander Digital Marketing FAQ

Are You Available for a Full Time Digital Marketing Position?

Presently, no! I am currently employed full-time with the lovely Thrive Agency. If you need something more than a simple project, but you'd like to still work with me, your best bet is to fill out Thrive Agency's Contact Form and request me through them. You'll get the incredible support team that we provide, as well as world-class developers, media creators, and of course, me!

When It Comes to SEO, What Industries Do You Primarily Focus On?

While I can work with any local or national service, I tend to float towards the medical industry. I have plenty of experience with other industries, as well, including insurance agencies, finance companies, florists, nightclubs, and more.

Can You Get Me to First in Google?

It depends on the service and competition. Sometimes, it won't be easy to get a high-ranking page, depending on your competitive network. If you're going up against giant competitors, or huge national services, there may be other solutions, like Google Ads, or optimizing for long-tail queries, that may work better. I encourage you to fill out the contact form above and we'll figure out what your options are.

I See That You Also Do Photography, Can I Get Discount Pricing if I Need Both Services?

Yes! I prefer to have fewer clients that I can be more involved with - so if you require regular photography or videography for events, promotional materials, you may be eligible for discount pricing for both services.I encourage you to fill out the contact form above and we'll figure out what your options are.

Do You Only Do SEO or Google Ads for Atlanta Businesses?

While I am based out of Atlanta, I am available for hire to any US businesses that need my services. With a wealth of teleconferencing options and high-speed internet, the whole country is eligible to work with me.

Do You Provide SEO Training in Atlanta?

Yes! Pending availability, I can train individuals or companies on SEO best practices. I'm currently working on a class on SkillShare, an education network with premium classes with niche education options. Join my email list to stay up-to-date when it's released!

What is your Expected Turnaround Time for Digital Marketing Work?

Depending on the complexity of the project, most work can be expected to begin within 2-5 business days. Your individual quote will be contained within the contract sent to you. If time is of the essence, I suggest calling me directly at 845-288-0099.

Do you do Web Design?

I take on Web Design clients for smaller projects and local businesses. If you’re an enterprise-level company, you can contact Thrive Agency for a web project, or if you’d prefer a local Atlanta firm, you can contact my friends at Inspiry!

With Inspry, get your website made the way it should be.  Whether you're starting from scratch or revamping an existing site, Inspry will design and develop a custom web presence well worth your investment.  By combining creativity with over a decade of experience, Inspry delivers quick loading and conversion-friendly designs that bring customers to your digital door.

Whether you are using WordPress, Magento or another platform, Inspry creates custom web designs that translate your business into an engaging and branded web presence using the latest techniques in theme, plugin, and application development.

For all other inquiries, please call 845-288-0099 or email me at